General Courses


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Compliance – Courseware to keep your organization compliant with current laws.

  • Employee Sexual harassment Awareness
  • Harassment in the Workplace
  • Workplace Diversity Awareness
  • Workplace Violence
  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Discriminatory Practices In Hiring
  • FMLA Leave and More: An Overview of Legally Protected Leave
  • Understanding the Risks of using Internet Media and Electronic Communications
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

New Supervisor/Manager – Online reference content for becoming a successful manager.

  • Taking on a Management Role
  • Becoming a Manager: Responsibilities and Fears
  • Becoming a Manager: Leading and Communicating
  • The Basics of Delegation
  • Delegation: the Personal Approach
  • Principles of Accounting and Finance for Non-financial Professionals

Management – Targeted skills training for Managers and Supervisors

  • Management Essentials: Directing Others
  • Management Essentials: Delegating
  • Management Essentials: Developing Your Direct Reports
  • Principles of Accounting and Finance for Non-financial Professionals

Leadership – Key development competencies for successfully leading organizations

  • Leadership Essentials
1. Motivating Employees
2.  Communicating Vision
3.  Building Your Influence as a Leader
4.  Leading with Emotional Intelligence
5.  Leading Business Execution
6.  Leading Innovation
7.  Leading Change
  • Motivating Employees
  • Communicating Vision
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading Business Execution
  • Leading innovation
  • Leading Change
  • The Benefits and Challenges of Engaging Employees
  • Maintaining an Engaging Organization

Leading Teams: Skills to help launch and lead effective teams

  • Launching a Successful Team
  • Establishing Goals, Roles, and Guidelines

Sales – Preparation for relationship building and business development

  • Introduction to Sales
  • Negotiation Essentials: Persuading
  • Effective Relationships with Customers
  • Interpersonal Communication: Communicating with Confidence
  • Interpersonal Communication: Targeting Your Message
  • Interpersonal Communication: Listening Essentials

Time Management – Tips for making the most of your time

  • Analyzing Your User of Time
  • Planning and Prioritizing your Time
  • Avoiding Time Stealers

Desktop: Microsoft Office 2010 – Core desktop software technologies that support business professionals

Sample Outlook 2010 Courses:

  • Formatting E-mail and Configuring messages Options In Outlook 2010
  • Customizing Outlook 2010 and Managing Accounts
  • Managing E-mail with Rules, Automatic Replies, and Alerts in Outlook 2010
  • Data Files, Archiving and Send/Receive Groups in Outlook 2010

Sample PowerPoint Courses:

  • Getting Started with PowerPoint 2010
  • Visually Enhancing PowerPoint 2010 Presentations
  • Adding Multimedia and Animations in PowerPoint 2010
  • Using Advanced Slide Show Tools in PowerPoint 2010
  • Collaborating and Sharing Presentations in PowerPoint 2010

Sample Microsoft Word Courses:

  • Using Themes, Backgrounds, Watermarks, and Quick parts in Word 2010
  • Adding Tables of Contents, Footnotes, hyperlinks, and Bookmarks in Word 2010
  • Forms, Fields and Mail Merge in Word 2010
  • Managing, Inspecting and Recovering word 2010 Documents
  • Creating and Formatting Tables in Word 2010

Samples Microsoft Access Courses:

  • Getting Started with Access 2010
  • Creating Basic Tables in Access 2010
  • Introduction to Forms in Access 2010
  • Introduction to Queries in Access 2010
  • Introduction to Reports in Access 2010

Sample Excel Courses:

  • Getting Started with Excel 2010
  • Using Basic Formulas in Excel 2010
  • Using Basic Functions with Excel 2010
  • Moving Data and Modifying Worksheets in Excel 2010
  • Saving, Sending and Printing Excel 2010 Workbooks
  • Using Conditional Formatting, Tables, and Sparklines in Excel 2010
  • Inserting Basic Charts in Excel 2010

Self Improvement – Critical steps for maximizing your personal potential

  • Working for Your Inner Boss: Personal Accountability
  • Goals and Setting Goals
  • Creating a Positive Attitude
  • Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance: Taking Control of Your Stress