Drive Performance

The best compliments a company can receive is the feedback from their clients. We have received a multitude of them over the years. This has enabled our company to build solid relationships and good repute with our clients and the communities we serve.

The following is a sample of some of the success stories from our clients:

"Staffing Trainer is a valued partner of TRC Staffing Services, Inc. Amy and Donna took the time to listen to our needs and understand our training goals. They exceeded our expectations in the planning, training and implementation of the Learning Management System."
...Lydia Buckler, TRC Staffing Services | Training Manager
“I have seen a much higher level of understanding of our business model and recruiter efficiency after completion of Staffing Trainer.”
...Jeff Kubas,
Vertex Resource Group
“One of our new employees, who had worked for other staffing services, said that ‘the training is the most advanced sales training for the staffing industry’ that he has ever seen. After going through the training, he said that the topics covered were very thorough and he liked the fact that on-line examples were given. He felt the format was very user friendly.”
...Maralyn Kelly, Training and Development Manager,
JFC Staffing Association


"Staffing Trainer has been a vital part of our training program for our new hires for over two years.  We depend on the courses to build a foundation for those who are new to the staffing industry.  The courses also act as a great review for those who are “vets” in the staffing industry.  Beyond the content of the courses, we have also built a great relationship with the staff of Staffing Trainer.  The customer service is impeccable and we never question our worth to their company.  Deciding to go with Staffing Trainer has never been a decision we have second guessed."


...Lauren Truelove – Administrative Assistant, Employee Solutions



"We utilize the employment law and HR compliance courses provided through our customized LMS.  We require all employees to complete these courses and by doing so a manager was able to handle a tricky HR situation properly.  We have seen skill improvement with newly promoted managers due to training provided by Staffing Trainer.


Our ability to track all education and training events via the customized LMS has improved our onboarding and performance evaluation process.  The onboarding process reduces the time to full productivity for all new hires and allows us all to focus on the same MAU mission.


Our team values the personal attention and interaction they receive from the LMS management team!  Staffing Trainer is a valued partner who provides exceptional customer service and quality training programs."


...Angela McCord – Human Resources, MAU Workforce Solutions



"Staffing Trainer Learning Institute and associated programs have given our managers an effective staff training tool that considerably accelerates the new employee training process.  A unique feature of the program allows each individual trainee the flexibility to progress at their own pace which increases the level of understanding and retention of key concepts.  As each training module provides a feedback mechanism to capture and assess levels of understanding, we know at each critical juncture how a new staff member is progressing.  I highly recommend this training system to any staffing firm seeking an effective new hire training program."



...Richard Donham, President, Phoenix Services Inc.


Staffing Trainer courses helped jumpstart our internal hires. They are able to work a desk quicker, confident they are doing the right thing.”


...Janine Calcote, PrideStaff